Welcome to our Museum that is a gateway to black artistic heritage globally.

The Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists (NCAAA) is dedicated to the celebration, exhibition, collection and criticism of black visual arts heritage worldwide. The Museum presents a wide range of historical and contemporary exhibitions in many media, including painting, sculpture, graphics, photography and decorative arts.

The Museum of the National Center of Afro-American Artists fosters and presents the finest in contemporary, visual and performing arts from the global Black world. Through its teaching, visual and performing arts divisions, the NCAAA brings the best of the Black world to you.

Among the resources offered at the Museum are its:

  • African, Afro-Latin, Afro-Caribbean and African American collections
  • Extensive slide archive and
  • Rich variety of education programs for young people and adults.

On the grounds of the museum’s historic location sits the Eternal Presence. This piece was commissioned by the NCAAA to celebrate human creativity and spirituality from the beginning of the human family to now. John Wilson created the sculpture drawing upon various traditions including the Olmec heads of ancient Mexico and images of contemplating Buddhas. Eternal Presence was installed in 1987 and represents the NCAAA’s commitment to excellence in contemporary artistic expression for the black world

Since 1969, the NCAAA and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, have enjoyed a unique collaboration. This mutually beneficial relationship has greatly assisted the development of the NCAAA Museum.

Adult admission is $5.00. Seniors and children admission is $4.00. Group tours are available upon request.

Please call (617) 442-8614 or send an e-mail to info@ncaaa.org for more information.