Where to Buy Generic Levitra Online in USA?

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Levitra is, perhaps, the least known drug for treating Erectile Dysfunction. But that does not mean Levitra is not just as good if not better than other ED drugs. What makes Levitra unique is that it does not react negatively on fatty foods and alcohol, which are frequently included into any romantic date (and this is one of the many benefits enjoyed by those who choose to buy Levitra).

You can see a clear improvement in your erection only in 15-30 minutes after you take a single tablet of Levitra. The pill works for up to 8 hours in most men, and it works only with sexual stimulation.

How it works?

The drug acts by blocking enzymes that prevent erections and help the muscles in the penis relax, thereby effectively increasing blood flow into the penis. This helps to achieve a hard and strong erection. The blood flow increases only along with the excitement and sexual activity, and when the coupling ends, the penis takes to its normal shape and size.

The active ingredient.

The active ingredient and the substance which actually does the whole work to help men treat impotence by reducing the influence of enzymes that can prevent an erection; is vardenafil hydrochloride. It is not an aphrodisiac, which means it does not affect libido, and sexual stimulation is therefore necessary for the drug to be effective.

The drug is manufactured by Bayer and is available in doses of 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg.

Compared to other drugs.

Levitra works in the same way as other drugs for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction (VIAGRA® by Pfizer and CIALIS® by Eli Lilly), but has fewer side effects. Levitra has also been reported to work longer than Viagra.

Despite this ED drug by Bayer is the least known compared to Viagra and Cialis in USA, it may be that it works best for you.

How do I use Levitra?

The drug is taken as needed. Take one tablet of vardenafil hydrochloride 30 minutes before you plan to have sex, with or without water and/or meal.

The results with Levitra are not affected by your diet (except when the meal is very fat, 57% or more). The results are not affected by alcohol intake, and, during the treatment, men can eat and drink as they did before. This is one of the unique benefits of Levitra, and the reason why the drug is becoming so popular.

The tablet’s effects will normally appear within 30 minutes, although some men will see a change in as little as 15 minutes. Levitra stays in your blood system for about 5-8 hours. It is recommended to take the next pill no earlier than in 24 hours.

What side effects are associated with it?

The manufacturer of the drug, Bayer AG, has carried out clinical testings of Levitra on over 3750 men around the World, and the side effects have been proven to be mild and transient when the drug is taken in the recommended dose.

The most common side effects are headache and facial flushing. Patients who are taking organic nitrates should abandon the treatment with Levitra. When taken along with nitrates, it can cause a sharp decrease in blood pressure. This can lead to dangerous consequences.

Patients should consult their physician before using Levitra, if they are unsure of any medications taken and its contents. It is essential that patients inform their doctors at a consultation which medications they take.


Do not take Levitra if you have any serious complications with cardiovascular system and blood pressure.

The dose of Levitra should I order?

Levitra is available for the treatment of impotence in dosages of 20 mg, 10 mg and 5 mg. You should start with the smallest dose and only buy the higher dose, if the previous dose has not given satisfactory results. It is recommended to start with 5 mg tablets, and if you will notice that the dose does not work fully, you next time you need to buy 10 mg or 20 mg pills. It is worth emphasizing that, the lower the dose of a drug you use, the milder the side effects are.

How do I do to buy Levitra online?

Choose the quantity of the drug you want to buy, and press ‘Check out’. On checkout, you will be asked to fill in your contact information. When it’s done, you will need to fill in the necessary medical information that is critical for treatment with the help of Levitra. This form will then be examined by a doctor.

Levitra and Prescription.

Levitra is a prescription only drug, so you need to see your doctor before you decide to buy it. The doctor will ask you a few questions, examine your health, and then issue a prescription, accordingly. Sometimes, online, you will be offered to buy vardenafil without any prescription. Note that if you decide to buy the drug without Rx, in this case you are acting on your own risk. Medications sold online without proper prescriptions may frequently pose a threat to your health and purse.

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