The Museum will schedule a customized program to meet the specific needs of groups. Classes and rates are designed to serve up to 25 persons per group. Gallery Tours and lecture programs run an average of one hour in duration.

Project based programs average a duration of one and a half hours. Please assign one adult for each group of eight students.

Please contact the Museum at or call 617-442-8614 to schedule the time and date of your tour.

Tour Selections

Insider’s View $100.00

A gallery tour based on the current exhibition(s) adapted to the appropriate age and/or grade level.

Exploring Aspelta’s Tomb $100.00

An introduction to the 25th dynasty Nubian King Aspelta, along with a tour of the Museum’s scale-sized, recreation of Aspelta’s burial chamber.

Tours with Art Projects $150.00

Exploring Aspelta’s Tomb A lecture/demonstration with an art-making activity.
Mixed Media Workshop/Tour An “Insider’s View” plus an art-making activity.

Please contact the Museum at or 617-442-8614 to schedule the time and date of your tour. When confirmed mail your check or money order made out to “Museum, NCAAA” to NCAAA, 300 Walnut Avenue, Boston MA.