Summer Blooms at the Museum

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NCAAA Summer PlantingIn the summer, Abbotsford, home of the Museum, comes to life with plantings of annuals and perennials, some recalling how it must have looked as a Neo-Gothic mansion at the turn of the 20th century. Flowers and shrubs evoke the richness of summer in New England in old communities such as Roxbury.

August will bring something new this year. We are one of many sites around greater Boston participating in FREE FUN FRIDAYS sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation. We are offering you the opportunity to bring your children or organized groups to meet King Aspelta who is featured in Aspelta: A Nubian King’s Burial Chamber. I like to say, “Come meet your great, great, great, great grandfather who lived along the Nile.” Workshops with art projects inspired by ancient Nubia will be available from 10:00 until 4:00 pm at FREE FUN FRIDAY, August 12th at our Museum.

Don’t be shy. Come back the next day for our 4th annual Big Head Festival jointly presented with the Boston Juneteenth Committee. The festival is names in honor of John Wilson’s monumental sculpture–Eternal Presence–that adorns our grounds. The Big Head Festival features musical, dance and spoken word performances on the outdoor stage,  as well as games and workshops for the whole family. It’s all FREE, on Saturday, September 10th from 2:00 in the afternoon to dusk.

If you hurry, you may still catch Exploring Roxbury, a photographic essay by Hakim Raquib and Tony Irving, highlighting hidden aspects of Roxbury’s architectural history from the 18th century to the present. And while you in our galleries, you will also want to catch the newly opened show Orisha Domain: Photographs by Reginald Jackson in which this noted scholar of African religious traditions captures manisfestations of the Yoruba orisha (gods) as expressed in natural phenomena such as storms.

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