FREE FUN FRIDAY: A Glorious August day

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FREE FUN FRIDAYThis summer for the first time, our Museum participated in FREE FUN FRIDAY, a series of lively all day events presented at museums across the city and sponsored by the Highland Street Foundation.

More than two hundred thirty visitors, mainly youngsters and teens, toured Aspelta: A Nubian King’s Burial Chamber where the ancient sovereign was light-heartedly introduced as their great, great, great grandfather. After learning about Nubia and Egypt during the 25th Dynasty, visitors made Nubian-inspired jewelry under the artful direction of art¬†educators Susan Thompson and Johnetta Tinker. Using beads and gold foil, they created pendants, bracelets or anklets sporting their initials as hieroglyphs. Despite the city’s declared heat emergency, those collected under our great canopy in front of the museum enjoyed a delightful breeze while gaining a richer appreciation for the history of black people 2600 years ago in the Nile valley.

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