Abbotsford Wins Major Grant

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Abbotsford, the 19th century mansion that houses The Museum, was awarded $850,000 toward the $1,135,500 needed to replace its roof and perform urgently needed flashing and masonry repairs. The funds were granted through the Community Preservation Act program of the … Read More

INMATE INGENUITY: The Cell Solace Collection

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A Violence Transformed Exhibition INMATE INGENUITY: THE CELL SOLACE COLLECTION Containers made in U.S. Prisons We are pleased to present this exhibition featuring more than twenty exquisitely crafted containers made by inmates in American prisons and jails over the second and third quarters of the twentieth century. Inmate Ingenuity is a … Read More

ORIGINS: Jason E. Smith

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ORIGINS: Jason E. Smith Smith’s art springs from his imagination as inspired by ancient tales, myths, mystical texts, primitive artifacts, tribal histories, pictographs, and numerous anthropological musings. The work is partly shamanistic, partly ritualistic and partly spiritualist. Inter-mixed with these rich evocations from the past are contemporary influences … Read More

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