INMATE INGENUITY: The Cell Solace Collection

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A Violence Transformed Exhibition INMATE INGENUITY: THE CELL SOLACE COLLECTION Containers made in U.S. Prisons We are pleased to present this exhibition featuring more than twenty exquisitely crafted containers made by inmates in American prisons and jails over the second and third quarters of the twentieth century. Inmate Ingenuity is a Violence Transformed exhibition continuing the decade long collaboration between the NCAAA and the Violence Transformed project. It is partially is supported by the Mayor’s Office for Arts and Culture, Josephine and Louise Crane  Family Foundation and Violence Transformed.   Inmate Ingenuity presents a jewelry box, and many purses, hand and shoulder bags all completely made of folded woven cigarette cartons and paper. Surprising design  sensitivities and remarkable artisan skills are evident in the sophisticated and well crafted containers many of which eventually found their way to specialized markets.The aggregation of these works make up the … Read More


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