Abbotsford Wins Major Grant

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AbbotsfordAbbotsford, the 19th century mansion that houses The Museum, was awarded $850,000 toward the $1,135,500 needed to replace its roof and perform urgently needed flashing and masonry repairs.

The funds were granted through the Community Preservation Act program of the City of Boston. In testimony before the Boston City Council,

Edmund Barry Gaither, Director and Curator of the Museum of the NCAAA said:

“In order to ensure that Abbotsford’s building envelope is watertight, CPA funds will be used for the restoration of the slate roof and its flashing. In an additional effort to protect the legacy of this last remaining Roxbury mansion, coping stones along the ridge of the roof will also be reset and re-pointed with the assistance of this grant.”

“Efforts to resist infiltration by water into this building minimizes the risk of damage to both the building itself and the art objects housed therein, thus playing a crucial role in the preservation of Roxbury’s rich cultural legacy.”

The National Center of Afro-American Artists has established an Abbotsford Committee to help raise the $285,500.00 needed to match CPA funds.

We need your help. Please make a restricted contribution to the Abbotsford Fund. Thank you.

Originally posted 4/19/19

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